Let’s ‘graph’ it

So, after some time my  friends and I released the first version on a PSQuickGraph module. It is also available on GitHub. It is  to be able to analyze dependencies in a scripted way.

Let’s give it a try. First you need to do is to install it. To do it, just start PowerShell and issue the following command, which  installs  the module from PS  gallery

Install-Module PSQuickGraph -Scope CurrentUser

Next thing you need to do is to install  graphviz. It is a command line tool which takes the text file in a special format and makes a picture from it. You can take it from here and simply unzip in into a folder. In my case I use c:\temp\graphviz folder. Once it is there you can do some magic.

First –  start PowerShell and say:

Import-Module PSQuickGraph

Now just open this link and copy the contents to the PowerShell window. And in a second  you will see a your first graph made using PowerShell.

You can do a lot more with it,



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